Why Finding a Legitimate Internet Home Based Business Marketing Opportunity Can Change Your Life

Legitimate home based businesses are changing lives by the number’s. All types of people are turning more to the internet as a primary source of income. The ability to work from home sounds much better than waking up in the morning, and traveling everyday to work to provide an income for you and your family. More and more people realize that the internet is becoming more than just a place for information. Specifically this young man that worked as a housekeeper and know works from his house. Keeping his business together!After moving from South Africa to the United States in January 2008. He worked as a pool engineer at the Marriot Grande vista for 6 months. After his contract ended there he moved to Utah in a small tourist town. His agent got him a job as a housekeeper. He worked for 11 months at a job he did not like not one bit.Surfing the internet a couple of times made him come across home business opportunities. Not really sure about what this was all about he started leaving his email on a couple of home business sites.So after some more investigating his email account with yahoo was overflowing with all different types of opportunities. MLM, affiliate marketing, direct marketing, network marketing and so on. Forcing him to abandon his email account because he was getting information overflowTrying out the most trusted one of all eBay. He realized that there was just too much competition out there taking over that hole market. And plus no one was really making that much. Unless they were there from the start.Then he went on to the next trusted site Google. And realized that by the time they sent him his free kit, that he had to pay shipping for only. They charged his account $72,91. And by the time the cd came it was old information that was no longer being used in this ever changing internet.So after being scammed a couple times, like most of us. He was reluctant to most opportunities. But new that there were people making a lot of money online. He was feeling the pain of missing home. And not being able to be with his family and friends that were 25 hrs away by plane. And was in desperate need to change his situation.And then it all changed when he read the “coffee house letter”. And had that feeling when you know something is real. So he signed up with this online marketing company. And never looked back.When I asked him…What made him think his in a legitimate home based business? He said.When you in a community of people and mentors that are living the success that you want. Everything becomes much simpler and more clearer, not easy! But the outcome that you want from your online business has already being achieved and done. So by that you know, all it’s gonna take is some work from you. Just like the person that got what you want, he had to work towards it. And before he had that success. He knew and seen people and mentors in that community,that had what he wanted to. Legitimate home based businesses have those type of people that you want to associate yourself with. The one’s that have being there and done that and are still doing it.There are legitimate home based business out there, you just have to make that important decision. Because in the end it’s your life and you are held accountable for the things you do. Reading the coffee house letter changed my life just like it did his.

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